Active Directory Change Tracker

Last Updated on 4 March 2014, Company: Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd

Active Directory Change Tracker is an Active Directory auditing and reporting solution for keeping track of all changes that occur in the Active Directory. It tracks, analyzes and provides reports about all changes occurring to your Active Directory configuration. Since it tracks changes periodically, it reports the What, When, Where, Who of all the AD changes. It can be configured to work without the native AD auditing capabilities. There is no need to install an agent.

Some tracking features that administrators favor are – changes to OUs, GPOs, values and properties of AD objects, users groups and their additions deletions modifications, etc. Reports are generated based on specific Event ID inputs that are used to collect data from Security Event Logs or from Events history. All reports are delivered in real time in the scheduled format and to the destination folders giving vital AD updates to the administrators.

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