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Last Updated on 3 March 2015, Total: 799 Products

38 Active Directory Management 12 Jan. 2015
53 Administration tools 19 Dec. 2014
52 Backup software 30 Oct. 2014
35 Data recovery software 13 Feb. 2015
62 Database server software 17 Aug. 2012
6 DNS servers 21 Jan. 2011
12 Email archiving 17 Feb. 2015
41 Free Tools 27 Jan. 2015
42 Help desk software 30 Jan. 2015
9 IP Address Management 24 April 2013
11 IP PBX Servers 3 March 2015
81 Misc. network administrator tools 7 Oct. 2014
10 Network Admin Tools 4 Feb. 2015
9 Network Configuration Management 28 July 2014
46 Network inventory software 19 Dec. 2014
12 Network Mapping 29 Jan. 2015
127 Network monitoring / management 29 Jan. 2015
15 Network Traffic Monitoring 29 Jan. 2015
19 Patch Management 1 Sept. 2014
31 Remote control software 25 Feb. 2015
20 SharePoint Tools 3 July 2014
22 Software distribution and metering 30 July 2014
18 Storage and quota software 24 Oct. 2014
6 Terminal Servers 28 July 2014
2 Thin Client Servers 23 Jan. 2009
20 Web content management servers 2 March 2011
  1. Netwrix Password Manager (Freeware)

    The tool allows users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts through a convenient, web-based, self-service portal and integration with the standard Windows logon procedure. The tool supports up to 100 users... Read More

  2. Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

    Change and configuration auditing solution for detecting, reporting and alerting about Active Directory and Group Policy changes... Read More

  3. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint

    Solution for auditing and reporting farm configuration, content and permission changes in SharePoint... Read More

  4. Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner (Freeware)

    The tool alerts on account lockouts and helps troubleshooting of such events, analyzing their potential causes. The accounts can be unlocked via Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner console, helpdesk web-based interface or a mobile device... Read More

  5. Netwrix Inactive User Tracker (Freeware)

    The tool tracks down inactive user accounts (e.g., terminated employees) so you can easily disable them, or even remove them entirely, to eliminate potential security holes. The tool sends reports on a regular schedule, showing what accounts have been inactive for a configurable period of time (e.g., 2 months)... Read More

  6. Netwrix Bulk Password Reset (Freeware)

    The tool quickly resets local account passwords on all servers at once, making them more secure... Read More

  7. Netwrix Service Monitor (Freeware)

    The tool alerts you when some Windows service accidentally stops or fails to start at boot time on one of your servers. The automatic restart feature ensures that all monitored services are up and running without downtimes... Read More

  8. Netwrix Event Log Manager (Freeware)

    The tool collects, alerts and reports on events from the Windows servers across your network... Read More

  9. Netwrix Disk Space Monitor (Freeware)

    The tool sends daily summary reports regarding all servers that are running low on disk space, below the configurable threshold... Read More

  10. Help Desk Pilot

    HelpDesk Pilot is multi-lingual, 100% web based, php & mysql driven support / trouble ticket solution. Help desk pilot converts customer emails into tickets and each email id as a department. Add support members (staff) to a department. Each ticket (issue) is grouped by responses and each activity is tracked. It takes a minute to set up helpdesk pilot on... Read More

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