Win a Signed Copy of Mitch Tulloch’s "Windows Server Hacks"

by The Editor [Published on 26 April 2006 / Last Updated on 23 Oct. 2006]

We are offering visitors two easy ways to win one of twenty signed copies of Mitch Tulloch’s book, “Windows Server Hacks.”

Throughout the months of April and May 2006,, in collaboration with O'Reilly Media, will be giving away 20 copies of Mitch Tulloch’s Windows Server Hacks. Visitors to the site will have two easy ways of winning this essential addition to any administrator’s bookshelf. 

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Take a few minutes out of your day and let us know more about yourself and what you would like to see on the site by taking part in our site survey. Through the survey we will get a better idea of what you appreciate and what you’d like to see us include on the site in the future. Not only will you be helping us to improve our site but you will also have the option to be entered in our book giveaway. All participants will be eligible to win a signed copy of Mitch Tulloch’s book. Hacks range from those that deal with general administration to more esoteric hacks in the areas of network deployment, patch management, performance, security, and backup and recovery. Participate in the survey today!

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Ten signed copies of the book will also be given away to visitors who subscribe to any of the Newsletters while the site survey is active. The Real-time Article Update Newsletters are the best way way of keeping informed about all the latest articles added to the site. So subscribe today for your chance to win!

This is an exclusive offer available only through, dedicated to giving visitors the best networking content for free. The site management team welcomes all feedback and suggestions. The staff may be contacted at

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