Last Updated on 23 Sept. 2008, Total: 21 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Access Is Denied Error Message When You Try To Delete A File/Folder

    This article explains how you can use Process Explorer, a tool from Sysinternals (now subsidiary of Microsoft), to kill the lock on files and folders... Read More

  2. Manage Shadow Copies on Client Machines

    Did you know you can manage shadow copies on the client side from the command line?... Read More

  3. DiskCleanup and Defrag Utility

  4. Eraser : securely deletes files

    free advanced security tool for Windows which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns... Read More

  5. IPconfig displays Windows NT/W2K/XP ip information

  6. Keyfinder retrieves your Product Key (cd key) from registry

  7. PopKill: Kill those annoying pop-up ads!

  8. EasyRecovery FileRepair repairs and restores corrupted Microsoft® Office files

  9. Recover corrupted office files

  10. Control Windows XP Startup with MSConfig

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