Backing up Outlook Express

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 9 Nov. 2005 / Last Updated on 9 Nov. 2005]

A simple way to back up your mail and news settings for Outlook Express.

If you have a small network where your users use Outlook Express as their mail and/or news client, your users can easily use Windows XP's Files and Settings Transfer Wizard (FSTW) to back up their mail and news settings. Here's how: Open FSTW from System Tools in Accessories and select Old Computer. Then select Other and specify a location where you want to save your OE settings (My Documents will do fine for this). Then select  the option to specify a custom list of files and settings to save, and press ALT+R to delete everything from the list except Settings\Outlook Express. That's it. Now if a user messes up OE, she can run FSTW again to import her mail and news folders and messages and account settings and restore OE to its saved state.

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