Outlook and Outlook Express

Last Updated on 19 May 2009, Total: 6 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Setting Default Email Client Per User in XP

    Individually change each user's default email client... Read More

  2. Managing the automatic To-list

    How to remove clutter from the automatic To-list in Outlook... Read More

  3. Deleting Empty Folders in Outlook

    Tips for deleting undeleting empty folders in Outlook... Read More

  4. Backing up Outlook Express

    A simple way to back up your mail and news settings for Outlook Express... Read More

  5. Control Outlook

    Use Group Policy to get control of Outlook... Read More

  6. Point At URL BEFORE You Click

    Many spam offers and phishing scams trick users into going to a web site that has nothing to do with what the URL appears to link to. Before you click, take a look at the true URL behind the link... Read More

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