Network and Security

Last Updated on 23 Jan. 2009, Total: 19 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Administrator account with no password

    While conventional wisdom is that Administrator accounts should have long, complex passwords, this is not always so... Read More

  2. Avoid Mapped Drives

    Why mapped drives can be a bad idea on today's networks... Read More

  3. Do it yourself WHOIS command

  4. E-Mail Attachment Safety - How to avoid getting infected by E-Mail Worms, Viruses and Trojans

  5. Fixing Accidental Enabling of 802.1X for a Network

    Addressing the "Click here to select a certificate or other credentials for connection to the network" message... Read More

  6. HotFix & Security Bulletin Service

  7. Internet Connection Firewall Feature Overview

  8. Internet Connection Sharing with Windows 2000 Professional acts a proxy server

  9. Set Windows XP Local Account Passwords to Never Expire

  10. Toggle XP logon to Windows 2000 logon mode

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