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Last Updated on 23 April 2008, Total: 11 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Moving the IE7 Toolbar to Its Classic Position

    The biggest uproar I have ever heard from an IE7 upgrade is that the standard toolbar has moved positions. Here is a registry fix to appease your users if they have this same complaint... Read More

  2. Blocking Web Browsing

    How to prevent users from accessing the Web except for certain allowed sites... Read More

  3. Do Not Save Encrypted Web Pages

    Internet Explorer saves a lot of web site information and data in temporary files for faster retrieval in the future. For most web sites that isn't a problem, but saving encrypted web pages that should be secure to a temp file on your disk can pose a security risk. This tip will show you how to disable the saving of... Read More

  4. IE Booster

  5. Managing Windows Explorer Folder Options

  6. Open a command prompt in any folder using Windows Explorer

  7. Repair XP's IE

  8. Set Explorer to open unknown files with Notepad

  9. XP's IE Keyboard Shortcuts

  10. Explorer crashes and screen blank

  11. Zip Files Downloaded with Internet Explorer Are Not Saved to Your Computer

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