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  1. Control Outlook

    Use Group Policy to get control of Outlook... Read More

  2. Point At URL BEFORE You Click

    Many spam offers and phishing scams trick users into going to a web site that has nothing to do with what the URL appears to link to. Before you click, take a look at the true URL behind the link... Read More

  3. Manage Shadow Copies on Client Machines

    Did you know you can manage shadow copies on the client side from the command line?... Read More

  4. Remove Patch Uninstall Folders To Clean Hard Drive

    Hard drives are cheap and people typically have more space than they know what to do with these days. But, that is no reason to just waste it. When you install Windows patches, hidden folders are created which contain the uninstall data. Viewing the hidden data on my computer, I found 50 or so patch uninstall folders taking up over... Read More

  5. Internet Connection Sharing with Windows 2000 Professional acts a proxy server

  6. Undo : Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments

  7. Video Drivers : How to Determine Which Video Driver Is Loading in Windows XP

  8. Do Not Save Encrypted Web Pages

    Internet Explorer saves a lot of web site information and data in temporary files for faster retrieval in the future. For most web sites that isn't a problem, but saving encrypted web pages that should be secure to a temp file on your disk can pose a security risk. This tip will show you how to disable the saving of... Read More

  9. Windows XP Common Problems and Gotcha's

  10. Keyboard shortcuts to folders

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