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  1. Setting Default Email Client Per User in XP

    Individually change each user's default email client... Read More

  2. Drive letters and USB multi-card readers

    How to get rid of drive letter clutter with readers for memory cards... Read More

  3. Fixing Accidental Enabling of 802.1X for a Network

    Addressing the "Click here to select a certificate or other credentials for connection to the network" message... Read More

  4. Access Is Denied Error Message When You Try To Delete A File/Folder

    This article explains how you can use Process Explorer, a tool from Sysinternals (now subsidiary of Microsoft), to kill the lock on files and folders... Read More

  5. Moving the IE7 Toolbar to Its Classic Position

    The biggest uproar I have ever heard from an IE7 upgrade is that the standard toolbar has moved positions. Here is a registry fix to appease your users if they have this same complaint... Read More

  6. Turning the Windows XP Wireless Utility On or Off

    How to toggle between your wireless adapter’s configuration utility and Windows XP’s... Read More

  7. Reserve Space for the MFT

    Boost NTFS performance by reserving space for the MFT... Read More

  8. Utilizing the Alternative IP Address

    How to streamline your IP configuration in Windows XP when regularly switching between static and dynamic IP addressing networks... Read More

  9. Blocking Web Browsing

    How to prevent users from accessing the Web except for certain allowed sites... Read More

  10. How to deploy a customized user profile

    How to deploy a customized user profile for users on your network... Read More

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