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19 Customization
11 IE and Explorer
24 Miscellaneous
19 Network and Security
6 Outlook and Outlook Express
5 Performance
18 TroubleShooting
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  1. ACPI / PCI Troubleshooting

  2. Access Is Denied Error Message When You Try To Delete A File/Folder

    This article explains how you can use Process Explorer, a tool from Sysinternals (now subsidiary of Microsoft), to kill the lock on files and folders... Read More

  3. Administrator account with no password

    While conventional wisdom is that Administrator accounts should have long, complex passwords, this is not always so... Read More

  4. Album Cover Art

  5. Avoid Mapped Drives

    Why mapped drives can be a bad idea on today's networks... Read More

  6. Backing up Outlook Express

    A simple way to back up your mail and news settings for Outlook Express... Read More

  7. Backup / Restore XP Activation

  8. Bart's PE Builder

  9. : XP Themes

  10. Blocking Web Browsing

    How to prevent users from accessing the Web except for certain allowed sites... Read More

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