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  1. Search for All File Types

  2. Shutdown workstation without logging on

  3. Simplified EFS

    How to encrypt files easily from Windows Explorer... Read More

  4. Speed opening folders with large numbers of AVI files

  5. Stop Auto Reboots after Windows Updates

    Prevent Windows Update from rebooting your PC after automatically installing updates... Read More

  6. Suppress the Windows Tour Prompt in Windows XP

  7. Tweaking DSL Speed (MTU Size) Setting in Windows XP

    How to change the MTU size for PPPoE connections... Read More

  8. Using Windows Explorer as Admin

    In a previous tip I showed how you can open Internet Explorer by using the batch file e.bat from a command line... Read More

  9. W2K / XP / .NET enable verbose event messages

  10. What reinstalling TCP/IP does

    How to determine what registry changes and other actions are made when you reinstall TCP/IP... Read More

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