Registry Tips

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  1. Lock Taskbar's Size and Position

  2. Make Outlook minimize to system tray rather than task bar

  3. Memory management parameters

  4. Microsoft Outlook - Force reading email to plain text

  5. Personalize Internet Explorer's Title

  6. Prevent logon screensaver from launching

  7. Query NT, W2K, or XP registry for applied hotfixes

  8. Reghance : enhanced registry editor

  9. Registry Settings for the Start Menu in Windows XP

    <li>Policy:Disable the new simple Start Menu <li>Policy:Remove pinned programs list from the Start menu <li>Policy:Remove frequent programs list from the Start Menu <li>Policy:Remove More Programs list from the Start menu <li>Policy:Remove common program groups from Start Menu <li>Policy:Gray unavailable Windows Installer programs Start Menu shortcuts <li>Policy:Disable and remove links to Windows Update <li>Policy:Remove user folders from the Start Menu <li>Policy:Prohibit... Read More

  10. Registry Tip : Windows NT NTFS Last Access TimeStamp

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