Registry Tips

Last Updated on 8 June 2011, Total: 76 Knowledge Base Tips

3 Command shell
14 Customization
8 Disable - Hide
5 IE
19 Miscellaneous
13 Network
14 Security
  1. Disable Windows XP IPP Internet Printing

  2. Disable Windows XP's Built In Zip support

  3. Disable previewing images in XP's Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

  4. Disable the Encrypting File System

  5. Disabling the RunAs Command

    To enhance security you can prevent users from using the RunAs command... Read More

  6. Do not use the comprehensive search-based method when resolving shell shortcuts (.lnk)

  7. Enable / Disable Command prompt extensions

  8. Enable Quick Edit Mode in Windows XP Command Shell

  9. Enabling the Network Adapter Onboard Processor

    If your NIC supports it, turn it on in Windows... Read More

  10. Enforce strong passwords

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