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  1. Simplified EFS

    How to encrypt files easily from Windows Explorer... Read More

  2. When Windows Won't Shut Down

    How to automatically kill hung processes when you try to shut down Windows... Read More

  3. Using Windows Explorer as Admin

    In a previous tip I showed how you can open Internet Explorer by using the batch file e.bat from a command line... Read More

  4. Installing MSI Packages with Elevated Privileges

    Want to right-click on a .msi file and select Run As? Here's how!... Read More

  5. Get Rid Of Those Balloons!

    Balloon tips can be annoying if they keep appearing--here's how to eliminate them... Read More

  6. Disable ALL autostart features in Windows XP (pro and home)

    This little trick will disable all autoplay features, eg. CDs, USB-memories etc... Read More

  7. Cached Logon Hashes

  8. Disabling the RunAs Command

    To enhance security you can prevent users from using the RunAs command... Read More

  9. Remove and restrict access to XP taskbar tray icons

  10. Speed opening folders with large numbers of AVI files

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