Registry Tips

Last Updated on 8 June 2011, Total: 76 Knowledge Base Tips

3 Command shell
14 Customization
8 Disable - Hide
5 IE
19 Miscellaneous
13 Network
14 Security
  1. Control Internet Explorer Settings

  2. Control XP Taskbar forced window clustering

  3. Control thumbnail display size

  4. Disable ALL autostart features in Windows XP (pro and home)

    This little trick will disable all autoplay features, eg. CDs, USB-memories etc... Read More

  5. Disable Balloon Tips in Windows XP

  6. Disable Low Disk Space Notification in Windows XP

  7. Disable Recent Shares in Network Places

    Stop Windows from automatically adding shared folders to My Network Places... Read More

  8. Disable Windows 2000 / XP command promt and execution of batch files

  9. Disable Windows Messenger broadcasts on UDP port 1900

  10. Disable Windows Messenger for XP Home / XP Pro

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