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  1. Configure Account Lockout Policies

    Given enough time and potential to try multiple username and password combinations an attacker might eventually succeed in compromising the security of a server or other computer. Account lockout policies allow you to set thresholds to automatically shut down an account if too many incorrect username and password combinations are attempted in order to protect the machine... Read More

  2. Remove Saved Passwords

    Windows XP offers the ability to save passwords for web sites and network resources. This can be very convenient as opposed to remembering and entering the username and password each time you need access, but it poses a security risk because anyone who has physical access to your computer would also be able to log into those sites using your... Read More

  3. Sample security policies and guidelines

  4. Wayne's IDS Intrustion Detection Systems Tips and Resources

  5. Wayne's Forensics and Incident Response Resources

  6. Wayne's Denial of Service (DoS) Resource

  7. Windows XP Universal Plug and Play security quagmire

  8. Keystroke loggers and spy software / hardware

  9. HOW TO: Manage Stored User Names and Passwords on a Computer That Is Not in a Domain in Windows XP

  10. Steganography Resources

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