Last Updated on 22 May 2008, Total: 35 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Changing Windows unlocking behavior

    Third party application that allows you to change the unlocking behavior of windows allowing you to set which users can unlock a workstation... Read More

  2. Extra-Secure EFS

    How to increase EFS security on Windows XP... Read More

  3. Managing the Builtin Administrator Account

    How to minimize the hazards of the built-in Administrator account... Read More

  4. Restrict which programs can be run

    How to restrict which programs are allowed to run on a computer... Read More

  5. Directory listings in alternate shell

    How to stop a command from executing in a command shell opened with alternate credentials... Read More

  6. Pagefiles--to wipe or not to wipe

    Discusses whether setting Group Policy to wipe a pagefile at shutdown is a good or bad idea... Read More

  7. Non-Admin Trick for Safe Web Surfing

    A safe way to browse the web when you're logged on as admin... Read More

  8. Disable Remote Desktop

    How to disable Remote Desktop on XP machines... Read More

  9. Simple Ways to Harden Clients

    Three simple ways to harden Windows XP clients... Read More

  10. Eye Opener

    Running LSADump2 against your Windows machines can be a real eye-opener!... Read More

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