Last Updated on 31 Oct. 2008, Total: 45 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Add Command Prompt to folder context menus

  2. Admin Alerts in Windows XP ( Q310490 )

  3. Avoiding Disk Space Waste

    How to avoid wasting space on NTFS volumes by modifying the default cluster size... Read More

  4. Block users from installing MSI installed applications

  5. Control Windows XP's 'Highlight newly installed programs' option

  6. Controlling power settings using Group Policy

    How to allow selected non-admin users to configure their power settings using Group Policy... Read More

  7. DOS Window cmd.exe prompt

  8. DOS Windows Titles

  9. Disable New Hardware Wizard

    How to disable all new hardware prompts... Read More

  10. Disabling Remote Desktop

    How to prevent users from enabling Remote Desktop on their machines... Read More

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