Last Updated on 31 Oct. 2008, Total: 45 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Uninstall applications in Safe Mode

    How can you uninstall Windows Installer-based applications in Safe Mode if you need to?... Read More

  2. Logon hours on standalone machines

    How to configure logon hours for local users on standalone machines in a workgroup... Read More

  3. Distributing very large files to many computers

    How to distribute very large files to many computers... Read More

  4. Disable New Hardware Wizard

    How to disable all new hardware prompts... Read More

  5. Finding your product key

    How to determine your product key for a Windows or Office installation... Read More

  6. How to delete user profiles properly

    The right way and the wrong way of deleting user profiles from a machine... Read More

  7. Controlling power settings using Group Policy

    How to allow selected non-admin users to configure their power settings using Group Policy... Read More

  8. When was Windows installed on this machine?

    How to find when Windows was installed on a computer... Read More

  9. Disk Write Caching

    How and why to disable disk write caching... Read More

  10. Avoiding Disk Space Waste

    How to avoid wasting space on NTFS volumes by modifying the default cluster size... Read More

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