Pre-configuring local group policy settings

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 18 April 2007 / Last Updated on 18 April 2007]

How to preconfigure LGPOs on multiple machines.

Using the GPMC, you can expert Group Policy settings from one machine and import them into another. But you can’t import domain GPOs into a local GPO (LGPO). If you need to pre-configure LGPO settings on a machine, the best way to do this is to insert your LGPO settings into the base image you are using for deploying your desktop computers. That will save you having to individually configure LGPOs on each machine after deployment if you have a need to pre-configure LGPOs on your desktop machines. In other words, there’s no supported method for exporting an LGPO from one machine and importing it into another.

Which brings up an interesting question—what if there is an *unsupported* way (i.e. a “hack”) for doing this? My advice? Don’t do it if there is such a hack. Why? Because later on you might have problems and end up calling MS Support, and when they find out what you’ve done to your machines, they might say “Sorry, we advise you to flatten and rebuild your machines.” Moral of the story—if your business relies upon your computers, don’t hack them—use supported procedures only. Check the MS Knowledge Base first as everything documented there is considered a supported solution.


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