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  1. Troubleshooting Mouse Problems

    How to troubleshoot mouse problems and other issues using the registry... Read More

  2. Clue to Registry Corruption

    Here's a clue to help you down possible registry corruption and it's cause... Read More

  3. Speed Up Logon Times

    How to improve logon times when using roaming profiles... Read More

  4. Roaming Profiles Won't Roam

    How to troubleshoot roaming profiles that won't roam... Read More

  5. Fixing HAL Issues

    How to troubleshoot "HAL.DLL is missing or corrupt" messages... Read More

  6. Extra-Secure EFS

    How to increase EFS security on Windows XP... Read More

  7. Managing the Builtin Administrator Account

    How to minimize the hazards of the built-in Administrator account... Read More

  8. Restrict which programs can be run

    How to restrict which programs are allowed to run on a computer... Read More

  9. When was Windows installed on this machine?

    How to find when Windows was installed on a computer... Read More

  10. Disk Write Caching

    How and why to disable disk write caching... Read More

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