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  1. Performing a Recovery Using Complete PC Restore

    Here's a simple tip to make sure you are able to properly recover a Vista system from a backup you made using Complete PC Backup... Read More

  2. Prevent Users from Reopening Last Browsing Session in Internet Explorer 8

  3. Quickly Open Network Connections List and Properties in Windows Vista

    Eliminate the many clicks it takes to get to the network connection details in Vista... Read More

  4. Remove History and Favorites from the Internet Explorer 8 Address Bar

    Make only the previously typed URLs appear for the AutoComplete... Read More

  5. Removing RTM Files from Vista SP1

    Installing Service Pack 1 on Windows Vista archives certain files so you can remove SP1 later if you decide to. You can reclaim disk space by deleting these files... Read More

  6. Removing the Hand from Icons of Shared Folders

    How to prevent the hand from appearing on the icons of shared resources... Read More

  7. Restoring a Complete PC backup

    How to avoid problems when restoring from a Complete PC backup... Read More

  8. Searching for Arbitrary Files on Vista

    The quickest way to find an arbitrary file on a Vista computer... Read More

  9. Stop Coloring of Tabs in Internet Explorer 8

    Don't like the different tab colors? Disable Tab Grouping... Read More

  10. USB device not recognized

    A simple thing to try when your flash drive or other USB device doesn't mounted by Windows when you plug it in... Read More

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