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  1. Install Multiple Internet Explorer Versions

    Installing different IE versions on the same machine... Read More

  2. Enabling fast search for filenames

    How to enable fast searching of filenames in Windows Vista and Windows 7... Read More

  3. Remove History and Favorites from the Internet Explorer 8 Address Bar

    Make only the previously typed URLs appear for the AutoComplete... Read More

  4. Open Internet Explorer 8 Directly into InPrivateBrowsing

    How to make IE8 start in the InPrivateBrowsing mode... Read More

  5. Quickly Open Network Connections List and Properties in Windows Vista

    Eliminate the many clicks it takes to get to the network connection details in Vista... Read More

  6. Fix RunOnce/Homepage Error in Internet Explorer 7

    Make IE load your homepage with this Registry fix... Read More

  7. Disable InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer 8

    Prevent users from easily hiding where they've been on the Web... Read More

  8. Prevent Users from Reopening Last Browsing Session in Internet Explorer 8

  9. Stop Coloring of Tabs in Internet Explorer 8

    Don't like the different tab colors? Disable Tab Grouping... Read More

  10. Disable Built-in Zip Support for Windows Vista

    Use another utility for compressed folders... Read More

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