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  1. Offline file is not available

    What to do if a file or folder marked for offline use cannot be seen... Read More

  2. Duplicate knownfolders

    What to do if you see duplicate folders in your user profile... Read More

  3. Windows cannot find the local profile

    What to try if you see "Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile."... Read More

  4. Group Policy and Event Logs in Vista

    In previous versions of Windows, Group Policy information was logged to the System log and additional troubleshooting information could be obtained by enabling Userenv.dll logging... Read More

  5. Enabling Group Policy Debug Logging in Vista

    In Windows Vista and later you can obtain additional detailed information concerning Group Policy processing by enabling debug logging. This can be useful when troubleshooting Group Policy processing issues... Read More

  6. Resolving Problems After Applying an Update

    You can use System File Checker to try and resolve problems that occur after an update has been applied... Read More

  7. Troubleshooting Windows Update Issues with Vista

    Two log files you can use to try and troubleshoot problems installing updates onto Windows Vista... Read More

  8. Creating a New User Profile in Vista

    How to repair a lost or corrupted user profile in Vista... Read More

  9. Troubleshooting Group Policy

    How to troubleshoot Group Policy processing in Windows Vista... Read More

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