Using Netsh to Manage Wireless Connections

by Chris Sanders [Published on 10 Dec. 2008 / Last Updated on 21 Sept. 2008]

Netsh is more powerful now than ever. Here we look at how to use Netsh to manage your wireless network connection properties.

Netsh in Windows Vista has really advanced over previous versions of the tool. It now provides the functionality to allow you to setup and configure wireless profiles via the command line.

You can access these features by using netsh wlan from the command line. Simply typing this will give you a list of commands you can use. Here is how we can create a wireless profile using Netsh on a Windows Vista machine:

Create the wireless network profile:

netsh wlan add profile filename="WLAN-Profile.xml

Configure the profile settings:

netsh wlan connect ssid=”SSIDGoesHere” name=”WLAN-Corporate-Profile”

Show the status of our wireless network interfaces:

netsh wlan show interfaces

This tool provides great flexibility in managing wireless network connections and by scripting these commands you can greatly automate the deployment and configuration of wireless networks.


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