Last Updated on 7 July 2011, Total: 18 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Getting XP Computers to Appear on Network Map

    Installing LLTD protocol on XP, so PC will appear on Vista's Network Map... Read More

  2. Using Netsh to Manage Wireless Connections

    Netsh is more powerful now than ever. Here we look at how to use Netsh to manage your wireless network connection properties... Read More

  3. NAP Client state – Three ways to check the state.

    This article discusses the three ways to check the NAP state on a client computer running Windows Vista and Windows XP with SP3... Read More

  4. Changing the Remote Desktop Port

    Changing the listening and connecting port for Windows Remote Desktop Connection... Read More

  5. Securely transfer data between Vista machines

    How to securely transfer data between Vista machines... Read More

  6. Identifying IPv6 Link Local Addresses

    How to identify IPv6 Link Local Addresses... Read More

  7. Identifying the IPv6 Loopback Address

    How to identify the IPv6 Loopback Address... Read More

  8. Watching for network activity

    How to watch for network activity in Vista... Read More

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