Last Updated on 7 July 2011, Total: 18 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Transfer Wireless Network Settings via USB Flash Drive

    Use Windows Connect Now (WCN) to export and import your Wi-Fi settings... Read More

  2. Import and Export Wired Authentication Settings with Netsh

    Backup or transfer the 802.1X client settings in Windows Vista or 7... Read More

  3. Fix 'Multiple Networks' and the Internet in Windows Vista

    How to get the Internet back when it says 'Muliple Networks'... Read More

  4. Securing Access to Printers over the Internet

    How to enable HTTPS/SSL encryption for Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)... Read More

  5. Enable Network Map for Public or Domain Networks

    Make the network map appear when on a public or domain network... Read More

  6. Using Shared Printers over Internet

    Discover how to print remotely or when client isolation is enabled on the network... Read More

  7. Disabling IPv6 in Windows Vista

    To save resources, you might want to completely disable the "new" IP protocol... Read More

  8. Net Send Alternative in Windows Vista

    Discovering MSG, the new Net Send for Vista... Read More

  9. Changing the Default IP Address of ICS in Vista

    Change the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) IP if is already in use... Read More

  10. Manually Deleting a Network Bridge

    Getting around the error message when deleting in the Network Connections window... Read More

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