Replacing your Vista System Drive

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 29 July 2008 / Last Updated on 3 July 2008]

You can use CompletePC Backup to replace your system drive with a larger drive if needed.

Say the system drive on your Vista computer is running out of space, and you’ve run Disk Cleanup but you’re still running short. What can you do?

Replace your system drive with a larger hard drive! First, add a second hard drive to your computer (or connect a large removable hard drive) and use the Backup and Restore Center perform a block-level backup of your entire system drive to this second drive using CompletePC Backup. Then replace your system drive with a new, larger hard drive. Now start your computer using your Vista product DVD and select Repair Your Computer to boot into the Windows Recover Environment, then do a restore to your new system drive from your backup by selecting Windows Complete PC Restore. You may need to reactivate Windows afterwards, but a quick phone call will do this.

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