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  1. Breaking into audit mode

    How to break into audit mode during a manual install of Windows Vista... Read More

  2. Changes to Sysprep switches in Vista

    Differences between Sysprep options for Vista compared with XP... Read More

  3. Implicit answer file search order for Vista

    How Vista searches for an answer file when you don't tell it where to look... Read More

  4. Troubleshooting Vista Installs

    How to troubleshoot Vista installs using Setup logs... Read More

  5. Breaking into a command prompt in Windows PE

    How to open a command prompt during the Windows PE phase of Windows Setup for Vista... Read More

  6. What state is Vista Setup currently in?

    How to determine what state Windows Setup is in when installing Vista... Read More

  7. Vista’s Setup configuration passes for admins who deploy XP

    Vista’s Setup configuration passes for admins who deploy XP... Read More

  8. Where is Sysprep in Vista?

    Where can you find the Sysprep.exe utility in Vista?... Read More

  9. Important Log Files for Deploying Vista

    Five log files you should know about for troubleshooting Vista deployment problems... Read More

  10. Create Menus in Windows PE

    A tool for easily creating menus in Windows PE... Read More

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