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  1. Edit the Registry of a Vista Image

    How to edit the registry of a captured image... Read More

  2. Error Capturing Image of Reference Computer

    How to resolve an error that may occur when capturing an image using imagex.exe... Read More

  3. Essential Steps for Upgrading to Vista

    What you need to do before upgrading to Vista... Read More

  4. How to Migrate XP to Vista When Using EFS

    If you have dozens or more XP workstations that use the Encrypting File System (EFS) to safeguard data, and you need to migrate these machines to Vista without losing your EFS keys and certificates, then what should you do?... Read More

  5. How to tell if a computer has been sysprepped.

    Here’s an easy way how you can tell if a computer has been sysprepped... Read More

  6. ImageX with a GUI

    How to get a GUI for the imagex.exe command... Read More

  7. Implicit answer file search order for Vista

    How Vista searches for an answer file when you don't tell it where to look... Read More

  8. Important Log Files for Deploying Vista

    Five log files you should know about for troubleshooting Vista deployment problems... Read More

  9. Importing a language pack into Windows PE

    You can customize your Windows PE build environment by importing additional components such as language packs... Read More

  10. Installing updates on Windows PE

    You can install updates on your Windows PE build environment using the peimg command... Read More

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