Last Updated on 22 Sept. 2009, Total: 42 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Adding Boot Critical Drivers During Unattended Installation of Vista

    How to add Boot Critical drivers during Unattended Installation of Vista... Read More

  2. Adding comments to answer files

    You can add comments to your XML answer files to keep track of what your answer files are used for... Read More

  3. Adding device drivers offline to Windows PE

    You can add device drivers to an offline Windows PE build environment by using the peimg command... Read More

  4. Adding device drivers online to Windows PE

    You can add device drivers to dynamically when running Windows PE by using the drvload command... Read More

  5. Breaking into a command prompt in Windows PE

    How to open a command prompt during the Windows PE phase of Windows Setup for Vista... Read More

  6. Breaking into audit mode

    How to break into audit mode during a manual install of Windows Vista... Read More

  7. Changes to Sysprep switches in Vista

    Differences between Sysprep options for Vista compared with XP... Read More

  8. Check Hardware Before Upgrading to Vista

    How to check if your computer hardware will support upgrading from XP to Vista... Read More

  9. Copying applications into Windows PE

    You can copy applications into your Windows PE build environment by using the xcopy command... Read More

  10. Create Menus in Windows PE

    A tool for easily creating menus in Windows PE... Read More

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