How To Migrate User Profiles From Windows XP To Windows 7

by [Published on 9 Nov. 2010 / Last Updated on 11 Nov. 2010]

This tip explains how you can migrate user profiles from Windows XP to Windows 7.

User Profiles on Windows XP are not compatible with Windows 7. The default folder for user profiles in Windows XP is X:\Documents and Settings and X:\Users in Windows XP. If you upgrade your Windows XP to Windows 7 the user profiles are not migrated automatically. You need to use a tool called USMT to migrate. The USMT version must be 4.0 and ships with Windows WAIK for Windows 7. This article explains how you can migrate your documents, profiles and application to Windows 7.


ScanState command: 

C:\Windows\USMT\scanstate.exe c:\USMT /v:13 /o /c /hardlink /nocompress /efs:hardlink /i:MigApp.xml /i:MigDocs.xml /offlineWinDir:c:\windows.old\windows

LoadState command:

C:\Windows\USMT\loadstate.exe c:\USMT /v:13 /c /lac /lae /i:migapp.xml /i:migdocs.xml /sf /hardlink /nocompress

That's it.

The first command (ScanState command) scans your computer to gather information from C:\Windows.old. This folder contains the Windows XP installation and user profile settings.

The second command (LoadState command) migrates the captured settings to Windows 7.

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