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  1. Integrate USMT With WDS Image For Profile Migration

    This article explains how you can integrate USMT 4.0 tool with WDS Image for migrating user profiles automatically... Read More

  2. How To Migrate User Profiles From Windows XP To Windows 7

    This tip explains how you can migrate user profiles from Windows XP to Windows 7... Read More

  3. Performing a Complete PC Backup from the command line

    Here's how you can perform a Complete PC Backup in Vista from the command line... Read More

  4. Copying User Profiles

    How to copy user profile folders in Vista and later... Read More

  5. Troubleshooting Folder Redirection

    How to enable diagnostic debugging for Folder Redirection... Read More

  6. Creating a default network profile

    How to create a default network profile in Vista... Read More

  7. Deleting User Profiles

    How to properly (and improperly) delete a user profile... Read More

  8. Using ADMX Migrator

    ADMX Migrator is a useful tool you can use to convert ADM template files to ADMX template files... Read More

  9. Preventing processing of local Group Policy

    In Windows Vista and later you can prevent the processing of local Group Policy by configuring—guess what—a Group Policy setting!... Read More

  10. Logon Scripts, Group Policy Preferences, and Windows Vista

    Many logon scripts that worked with Windows operating systems won’t work with Windows Vista. Here’s what you can do to replace them... Read More

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