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  1. Using ADMX Migrator

    ADMX Migrator is a useful tool you can use to convert ADM template files to ADMX template files... Read More

  2. Group Policy and Event Logs in Vista

    In previous versions of Windows, Group Policy information was logged to the System log and additional troubleshooting information could be obtained by enabling Userenv.dll logging... Read More

  3. Enabling Group Policy Debug Logging in Vista

    In Windows Vista and later you can obtain additional detailed information concerning Group Policy processing by enabling debug logging. This can be useful when troubleshooting Group Policy processing issues... Read More

  4. Prepping Windows PE for capture

    Prepping a Windows PE build environment removes any components that are present in the component store but have not been installed... Read More

  5. Installing updates on Windows PE

    You can install updates on your Windows PE build environment using the peimg command... Read More

  6. Adding device drivers online to Windows PE

    You can add device drivers to dynamically when running Windows PE by using the drvload command... Read More

  7. Adding device drivers offline to Windows PE

    You can add device drivers to an offline Windows PE build environment by using the peimg command... Read More

  8. Copying applications into Windows PE

    You can copy applications into your Windows PE build environment by using the xcopy command... Read More

  9. Using Netsh to Manage Wireless Connections

    Netsh is more powerful now than ever. Here we look at how to use Netsh to manage your wireless network connection properties... Read More

  10. Logon Scripts, Group Policy Preferences, and Windows Vista

    Many logon scripts that worked with Windows operating systems won’t work with Windows Vista. Here’s what you can do to replace them... Read More

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