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  1. Disable AutoPlay in Windows Vista & 7

    Stop pop-ups when you insert a CD or media... Read More

  2. Disable Built-in Zip Support for Windows Vista

    Use another utility for compressed folders... Read More

  3. Disable InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer 8

    Prevent users from easily hiding where they've been on the Web... Read More

  4. Disable hibernation

    How to disable hibernation in Vista... Read More

  5. Disable/Hide the Control Panel

    How to remove the Control Panel shorcut from the Start Menu... Read More

  6. Disabling Autoplay on Vista

    You can completely disable autoplay on Vista computers if needed... Read More

  7. Disabling File and Folder Compression

    How to disable file/folder compression on Windows Vista... Read More

  8. Disabling File and Folder Encryption

    How to disable file/folder encryption on Windows Vista... Read More

  9. Disabling IPv6 in Windows Vista

    To save resources, you might want to completely disable the "new" IP protocol... Read More

  10. Disabling UAC

    How to disable the UAC feature in Vista... Read More

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