Windows Vista

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3 Collaboration and Sharing
9 Internet Explorer
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5 Shell (GUI)
  1. Controlling which kinds of devices can be installed

    In Vista, you can prevent any specify type of device from being intalled... Read More

  2. Copying User Profiles

    How to copy user profile folders in Vista and later... Read More

  3. Copying applications into Windows PE

    You can copy applications into your Windows PE build environment by using the xcopy command... Read More

  4. Create Menus in Windows PE

    A tool for easily creating menus in Windows PE... Read More

  5. Creating a Hidden or Administrative Share

    Preventing a shared folder or drive from showing in My Network Places and Network... Read More

  6. Creating a New User Profile in Vista

    How to repair a lost or corrupted user profile in Vista... Read More

  7. Creating a default network profile

    How to create a default network profile in Vista... Read More

  8. Customizing Send To

    How to customize the Send To menu in Vista... Read More

  9. Deleting User Profiles

    How to properly (and improperly) delete a user profile... Read More

  10. Device installation and system restore

    How to minimize creation of new restore points due to frequent driver upgrades and installs... Read More

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