Windows Vista

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  1. Breaking into a command prompt in Windows PE

    How to open a command prompt during the Windows PE phase of Windows Setup for Vista... Read More

  2. Breaking into audit mode

    How to break into audit mode during a manual install of Windows Vista... Read More

  3. Change the InPrivateBrowsing Homepage in Internet Explorer 8

    Change the default About:InPrivate page to your own homepage... Read More

  4. Changes to Sysprep switches in Vista

    Differences between Sysprep options for Vista compared with XP... Read More

  5. Changing Login Credentials for Shared Computers

    How to change the username and password used to access a shared resource... Read More

  6. Changing the Default IP Address of ICS in Vista

    Change the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) IP if is already in use... Read More

  7. Changing the Remote Desktop Port

    Changing the listening and connecting port for Windows Remote Desktop Connection... Read More

  8. Check Hardware Before Upgrading to Vista

    How to check if your computer hardware will support upgrading from XP to Vista... Read More

  9. Configure Windows Vista to Automatically Reopen Folders in Explorer upon Logon

    Show Computer folders that were opened when shutdown... Read More

  10. Configuring device installation timeout

    How to allow more time for new devices to install properly in Vista... Read More

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