Windows Vista

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  1. Overriding device installation policies

    Admins on Vista machines are also subject to device installation restrictions, but you can change this... Read More

  2. Controlling which kinds of devices can be installed

    In Vista, you can prevent any specify type of device from being intalled... Read More

  3. Disabling removable devices

    How to prevent USB devices and other removable devices from being installed in Vista... Read More

  4. Configuring device installation timeout

    How to allow more time for new devices to install properly in Vista... Read More

  5. Device installation and system restore

    How to minimize creation of new restore points due to frequent driver upgrades and installs... Read More

  6. Disabling preferential device drivers

    How to ensure Vista always uses the latest drivers for your devices... Read More

  7. Disabling device found popups

    How to disable annoying popups for new device detection in Vista... Read More

  8. Disable hibernation

    How to disable hibernation in Vista... Read More

  9. Disabling UAC

    How to disable the UAC feature in Vista... Read More

  10. Where's the Run Box?

    How to quickly run programs in Vista... Read More

  11. Watching for network activity

    How to watch for network activity in Vista... Read More

  12. Event log retention

    How to configure event log retention in Windows Vista... Read More

  13. Free up disk space

    How to free up disk space used by System Protection in Windows Vista... Read More

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