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  1. Listing and Running Best Practice Analyzers from Command Prompt

    This tip explains how to list all the available BPAs (Best Practice Analyzers) on a server running Windows Server 2012 and execute them... Read More

  2. Managing servers in small environments

    A tip on how you can take advantage of the benefits of running Server Core even if you don't feel confident working from the command line... Read More

  3. PowerTip: Detect keyboard layout using PowerShell

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell to detect the keyboard layout... Read More

  4. PowerTip: Easily create a PowerShell array

    How to create easily a Windows PowerShell array... Read More

  5. Stopping running services

    A tip on stopping running services on Windows computer... Read More

  6. Understanding staged features

    A tip explaining what the term "staged" means in reference to Windows features... Read More

  7. Use PowerShell to find application log errors

    How to use Windows PowerShell to find the two most recent errors from the application log... Read More

  8. Use PowerShell to see status and startmode of all services

    How to use Windows PowerShell to see the status and startmode of all services defined on a local system... Read More

  9. Using Windows Troubleshooting Packs from Command Line

    This tip explains the use of Windows Troubleshooting Packs from command line... Read More

  10. Verify remote management is enabled

    A tip on how to verify that remote management is enabled on a server... Read More

  11. Why doesn’t Get-Command display the expected results?

    A tip on why Get-Command might not display the expected results... Read More

  12. Windows PowerShell 3.0 simplified syntax

    A tip showing an example of how the simplified syntax of Windows PowerShell 3.0 makes commands and scripts easier to read... Read More

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