Last Updated on 11 Sept. 2014, Total: 26 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. List all Group Policy Object and Creation Time in Domain

    Tip explains how to list all Group Policy Objects and their creation time in the domain... Read More

  2. How to Check if Domain Controller is listening on Required Ports

    This tip explains the commands you can use to check the status of required ports on the domain controllers... Read More

  3. Enabling Bit-Locker from command line

    Tip explains how to enable Bit-Locker from command line... Read More

  4. Why doesn’t Get-Command display the expected results?

    A tip on why Get-Command might not display the expected results... Read More

  5. Display installed roles and features

    A tip on how to display a list of all installed roles and features on Windows Server 2012... Read More

  6. Verify remote management is enabled

    A tip on how to verify that remote management is enabled on a server... Read More

  7. Use PowerShell to see status and startmode of all services

    How to use Windows PowerShell to see the status and startmode of all services defined on a local system... Read More

  8. Use PowerShell to find application log errors

    How to use Windows PowerShell to find the two most recent errors from the application log... Read More

  9. Stopping running services

    A tip on stopping running services on Windows computer... Read More

  10. Limitations of Server Manager for monitoring servers

    Describes the limitations of using Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 for monitoring servers... Read More

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