Windows Server 2012

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  1. Produce a sorted list of unique process names

    Learn how to use Windows PowerShell to produce a sorted list of unique process names... Read More

  2. Quickly Disable All Accounts in an Active Directory OU

    This tip helps you disable all user and computer accounts in an Active Directory OU... Read More

  3. Quickly Enable All User or Computer Accounts in an Active Directory OU

    Tip explains the use of Enable-ADAccount... Read More

  4. Quickly Get a List of Accounts that are Disabled

    Tip explains how you can use Search-ADAccount PowerShell cmdlet to get a list of accounts that are disabled... Read More

  5. Removing an IP address using PowerShell

    A tip that tests your knowledge about using PowerShell to remove an IP address from a network interface... Read More

  6. Restoring deleted directory objects

    A tip that tests your knowledge about restoring objects that have been deleted from Active Directory in Windows Server 2012 and later... Read More

  7. Running PowerShell commands against a standalone server

    A tip that tests your knowledge concerning how you can remotely execute Windows PowerShell commands on a standalone server from another standalone server... Read More

  8. Security for Hyper-V hosts

    A tip about what you can do to help ensure your Hyper-V hosts are secure... Read More

  9. Several Ways To List FSMO Roles in Active Directory Forest

    This tip explains several ways to check FSMO Roles availability in an Active Directory Forest environment... Read More

  10. Shrinking a virtual disk

    A tip explaining how to properly shrink a virtual disk for a virtual machine on a Hyper-V host... Read More

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