Windows Server 2012

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  1. PowerTip: Quickly find a system overview

    Use Windows PowerShell to find a quick system overview... Read More

  2. PowerTip: Use PowerShell to document optional AD DS features

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell to document optional Active Directory Domain Services features... Read More

  3. PowerTip: Find net adapter binding info using PowerShell

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell to find network adapter binding information... Read More

  4. PowerTip: Detect keyboard layout using PowerShell

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell to detect the keyboard layout... Read More

  5. PowerTip: use PowerShell to display your routing table

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell to display the routing table on your Windows Server 2012 computer... Read More

  6. PowerTip: Easily create a PowerShell array

    How to create easily a Windows PowerShell array... Read More

  7. Using Windows Troubleshooting Packs from Command Line

    This tip explains the use of Windows Troubleshooting Packs from command line... Read More

  8. Listing and Running Best Practice Analyzers from Command Prompt

    This tip explains how to list all the available BPAs (Best Practice Analyzers) on a server running Windows Server 2012 and execute them... Read More

  9. List all Group Policy Object and Creation Time in Domain

    Tip explains how to list all Group Policy Objects and their creation time in the domain... Read More

  10. How to Check if Domain Controller is listening on Required Ports

    This tip explains the commands you can use to check the status of required ports on the domain controllers... Read More

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