Windows Server 2012

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  1. New PowerShell cmdlets for DHCP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Tip explains new PowerShell cmdlets introduced for DHCP in Windows Server 2012 R2... Read More

  2. New policies in Windows Server 2012

    A tip that lists the new categories of policies in Group Policy in Windows Server 2012... Read More

  3. Policies supercede Preferences

    A tip concerning which one wins, policies or preferences, when they overlap... Read More

  4. Policies vs Preferences

    A tip outlining the differences between policies and preferences so you can choose the right one when you use Group Policy to manage your environment... Read More

  5. PowerShell tip: Determining the DNS suffix search list

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell 3.0 on Windows 8 (or on Windows Server 2012) to determine the DNS suffix search list... Read More

  6. PowerShell tip: Obtaining the Direct Access Entry Point Table

    A tip on how to obtain the Direct Access Entry Point Table using PowerShell... Read More

  7. PowerTip: Detect keyboard layout using PowerShell

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell to detect the keyboard layout... Read More

  8. PowerTip: Easily create a PowerShell array

    How to create easily a Windows PowerShell array... Read More

  9. PowerTip: Find net adapter binding info using PowerShell

    A tip on how to use Windows PowerShell to find network adapter binding information... Read More

  10. PowerTip: Quickly find a system overview

    Use Windows PowerShell to find a quick system overview... Read More

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