Terminal Servers and Thin Clients

Last Updated on 13 March 2013, Total: 10 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Troubleshooting: Account not authorized for remote login error

    A tip on troubleshooting the error Account Not Authorized For Remote Login when trying to connect to a virtual machine on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V host that has RemoteFX enabled... Read More

  2. View open Terminal Server sessions as a standard user

    A tip on how a standard user can view open sessions on a Windows Terminal Server... Read More

  3. Allowing users to log into multiple RDS sessions concurrently.

    How to allow users to log into multiple Remote Desktop Services sessions concurrently... Read More

  4. Terminal Services Advertising in Windows Server 2008

    This article explains a registry entry for Terminal Services to disable/enable advertising... Read More

  5. How Do You Change The RDP Port No?

    This articles explains a registry entry you can modify to change the default RDP Port No. for Terminal Services... Read More

  6. A Quick Tip To Enable Terminal Services Access For Previous Versions of Windows

    Allow previous versions of Windows to access Windows Server 2008 Server Core using Terminal Services... Read More

  7. Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Easy Print

    One of the most common reasons people shy away from Terminal Services is it’s horrible printer management scheme. Easy Print is a likely solution to these issues... Read More

  8. The Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Console Switch...Or Lack Thereof

    After a terminal services platform upgrade to Windows Server 2008, you may be shocked to find that the console switch is no longer an option when connecting to the terminal server. Where did it go?... Read More

  9. What is RemoteApp for Windows Server 2008?

    A very cool new feature included with Windows Server 2008 is Termnial Server's RemoteApp. Let's find out how this can help you!... Read More

  10. How do you connect to multiple remote desktops all at the same time with Windows Server 2008?

    Try out the new Windows Server 2008 tool to connect to ultiple remote desktops all at the same time!... Read More

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