A Quick Tip To Check If Ports Are Listening

by [Published on 9 Feb. 2011 / Last Updated on 18 Dec. 2009]

This article explains how can you check quickly if the ports are listening or blocked by the firewall.

Some of the Services listens on the ports to relay on the communications. These ports must be opened by the firewall for clients to have communication the Server Ports. There are three ways to check if the ports are listening or blocked:

  • Using PortQryUi.exe
  • Using PortQry - command line version
  • Using Rpcdump.exe

Using PortQryUI.exe: This tool is available for download from Microsoft site. This tool can be used to tell if a port on the destination host is blocked or opened.

Using PortQry - command line version: This tool is same as PortQryUI.exe except its a command line version.

Using RpcDump.exe: This tool is part of Resource Kit and can be used to tell if RPC range is opened or blocked for a particular remote computer. For example: you wan to check RPC Port Range on a domain controller. To do so, you run the following command:

RPCDump.exe /s FQDN OF Destination Domain Controller /v /i > C:\Output.txt


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