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  1. Using a Projector with Windows 7

    Is there a worse fear than walking up in front of a crown to give a presentation, hooking your laptop up to a projector, and having the fiddle with it for 10 minutes before you can get things showing up correctly? Windows 7 has a great solution to this... Read More

  2. Managing Hardware RAID Using Diskraid

    How to manage hardware RAID using the Diskraid command... Read More

  3. Enabling BugcheckOnCorrupt for NTFS Volumes

    How to enable BugcheckOnCorrupt for advanced self-healing of NTFS volumes on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008... Read More

  4. Search for Files on Server Core

    How to search for files or folders on a volume on a Server Core computer... Read More

  5. When to use GPT disks

    When you should choose GPT disks over MBR... Read More

  6. How To Forcefully Close A File On Remote Computer Using Command Line?

    This article explains the steps you can use to close a file forcefully on a remote computer... Read More

  7. When not to use NTFS compression

    NTFS compression usually works fine on client systems, but be careful using it on servers... Read More

  8. How To Allow System State Backups To Critical Volumes In Windows Server 2008?

    This article explains a registry hack you can use to allow System State to be backed up to a critical volume in Windows Server 2008... Read More

  9. Enable Remote Desktop for Server Core

    One of the first tasks you may want to do on Windows Server 2008 Server core is to enable remote desktop. Here is how to do it... Read More

  10. Why is there no CLI Telnet in Windows Server 2008?

    Like me, I am sure you are used to running telnet in Windows. it isn't there anymore in Windows Server 2008. Find out what to do in this article... Read More

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