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  1. Copying large files from a WebDAV share

    A tip on using Windows Explorer to copy large files from a remote WebDAV share on an IIS webserver over a VPN connection... Read More

  2. Deleting zillions of tiny files from a volume

    How to delete zillions of tiny files from a volume without taking forever... Read More

  3. Enable Remote Desktop for Server Core

    One of the first tasks you may want to do on Windows Server 2008 Server core is to enable remote desktop. Here is how to do it... Read More

  4. Enabling BugcheckOnCorrupt for NTFS Volumes

    How to enable BugcheckOnCorrupt for advanced self-healing of NTFS volumes on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008... Read More

  5. How To Allow System State Backups To Critical Volumes In Windows Server 2008?

    This article explains a registry hack you can use to allow System State to be backed up to a critical volume in Windows Server 2008... Read More

  6. How To Forcefully Close A File On Remote Computer Using Command Line?

    This article explains the steps you can use to close a file forcefully on a remote computer... Read More

  7. Issues using Windows Server 2008 as a workstation OS

    Some users like to run a server OS such as Windows Server 2008 on their workstations. This tip describes some of the issue you may encounter when you do this... Read More

  8. Managing Hardware RAID Using Diskraid

    How to manage hardware RAID using the Diskraid command... Read More

  9. Replacing the Default User Profile in Windows 7

    Creating a customized user profile and replacing the default user profile with it is a common administrative task, but works a bit differently in Windows 7... Read More

  10. Search for Files on Server Core

    How to search for files or folders on a volume on a Server Core computer... Read More

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