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  1. Copying large files from a WebDAV share

    A tip on using Windows Explorer to copy large files from a remote WebDAV share on an IIS webserver over a VPN connection... Read More

  2. Should you disable 8.3 filenames?

    A tip on the possible negative consequences of disabling 8.3 filenames for NTFS... Read More

  3. Deleting zillions of tiny files from a volume

    How to delete zillions of tiny files from a volume without taking forever... Read More

  4. Specifying the boot image order in Windows Deployment Services

    You want to specify the order in which boot images are displayed when using Windows Deployment Services... Read More

  5. Stress Testing File Server Capacity

    Testing file servers for a supported workload has always been something that’s challenging outside of an actually deploying a server and seeing how it performs. Microsoft is currently testing a product which should allow for this to be done with great ease... Read More

  6. Troubleshooting failure to install of Exchange 2010 due to DNS issues

    What to do if you try to install Exchange 2010 and get an error saying that the DNS server could not be resolved... Read More

  7. Issues using Windows Server 2008 as a workstation OS

    Some users like to run a server OS such as Windows Server 2008 on their workstations. This tip describes some of the issue you may encounter when you do this... Read More

  8. Utility: Booting from USB flash drives

    Here's a handy utility you can use to boot from USB flash drives... Read More

  9. Using the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

    One of the most useful new features in Windows 7 for those who troubleshoot desktops is the new Problem Steps Recorder. What can it do for you?... Read More

  10. Using a Projector with Windows 7

    Is there a worse fear than walking up in front of a crown to give a presentation, hooking your laptop up to a projector, and having the fiddle with it for 10 minutes before you can get things showing up correctly? Windows 7 has a great solution to this... Read More

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