Three Ways To Check Event Logs On Remote Computers

by [Published on 23 Nov. 2010 / Last Updated on 31 Oct. 2009]

This article explains how you can check Event Logs on remote computer.

There are three ways to check Event Logs on Remote Computer:

Using Eventvwr.msc snap-in 

Using EventQuery.VBS

Windows Operating Systems (Windows XP and later) provide a built-in command line tool to check Event Logs on remote computers. EventyQuery.VBS ships with Windows. For more information on EventQuery.VBS and its syntaxes, please check out below URL:

Using PsLogList.exe 

Sysinternals (now Microsoft Sysinternals) guys have designed a tool called PsLogList. You can script this tool to check Event Logs or capture Event Logs in a text file. For more informtion on PsLogList.exe and to download PsLogList.exe, please see below URL:

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